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On The Record

New Feature Alert: The Catalog

A Q&A with Maestro’s Product Manager

maestro introduces the catalog

A Seamless New Way for PE Sponsors to Capture & Compare Their Firm’s Different Resources

Here at Maestro, the Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work developing a new set of features to assist PE firms in unlocking true value potential. We sat down (virtually) with Robert Leddy, Maestro’s Product Manager, to get the dish on The Catalog.

Here’s what users can expect…

Q: give us the elevator pitch. what does the catalog do?

In a nutshell, sponsors should think of The Catalog as a digital knowledge base of their firm’s preferred partners…but taken up a notch to amplify confidence in resource-related decision-making.

To get more specific, The Catalog provides sponsors with a framework for managing their preferred resources – including third-party service providers, consultants, board members, and more. Through a centralized, easy-to-use database, sponsors can store their partners’ key information, track annual or average spend for each resource, and add ratings. Then, leveraging these ratings, sponsors can identify the right resources to execute on strategic and operational initiatives at their portfolio companies.

Q: Sounds like ‘yelp’ but for a private equity firm’s resources. is that a fair comparsion?

It’s certainly like Yelp in terms of ratings and review functionality, but, unlike Yelp, The Catalog is  private to each firm and meant for internal use. Over time, sponsors will come to see it as their  powerful, internal knowledge base – a place to organize their resources by function, rate each resource on a scale of 1-5, assign a price range, tag projects and portfolio companies that used a particular resource, describe the experience using said resource…etc. Sponsors also have the option to add proprietary vendors or consultants for private use across their portfolio.

Q: tell us a bit more about how it works.

Sponsors are greeted by a user-friendly interface where they’re prompted to create ‘resource profiles’ for the service providers they’d like to capture and compare. From there, sponsors can create ‘projects’ to track engagements at their portfolio companies and link them back to the resource profile. In addition to tracking project cost and enabling users to add a rating for each project, The Catalog will automatically calculate the total and average spend for each resource. Ultimately, firm-wide use of The Catalog will result in a robust, dependable database that eases decision-making.

Q: What prompted the need for the Catalog? 

Until now, Operating Partners and Deal Partners have had disparate methods for tracking their rolodex of resources. There’s never been a centralized place to access go-to partners; the information just lives in team members’ minds and floats around various spreadsheets. But, with The Catalog, these silos are broken down and the information is brought together in a digestible, actionable way. Since third-party work is a significant driver of value creation, we felt it was time to streamline the process.

Sponsors spend far too much time identifying resources that can help execute value creation initiatives at their portfolio companies. But now, The Catalog provides sponsors with a single place to browse their firm’s preferred partners and track real-time project information – making it easy for sponsors to refer back and engage the right service provider per initiative.

Q: Why is the Catalog particularly relevant right now?

Given the current climate, stakes are higher than ever. Sponsors can’t afford to make the “wrong” choice and need to feel confident that they’re engaging the right partner. That said, sponsors also can’t afford to waste time digging through old documents to scrounge up information on a resource they worked with in the past; they need a running diligence of service providers, complete with easily-accessible data, reviews, and pricing. By cataloging all of this information internally, Maestro enables sponsors to promote transparency, trade best practices, and, ultimately, unlock value creation.

Client Testimonial

“We had a wealth of knowledge about third-party resources—specific to different use cases, functions, even transaction sizes—but no good way of organizing or accessing it. With The Catalog, we now have a simple and intuitive way to discover what projects we’ve done, with whom, and how successful they were.”

– COO Operations Group, Private Equity Firm ($7B AUM)