Meet Maestro’s Michael LoTurco

Working at maestro

A Q&A with Software Engineer, Michael LoTurco

For a Software Engineer, the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become a part of a new company’s strategic design, problem-solving, and creation process is the holy grail. It’s why Front-End Engineer, Michael LoTurco, joined Maestro’s growing team in 2018. And it’s why he’s more excited than ever about Maestro’s growth and prospects.

“We’re making something from scratch at Maestro – not simply tweaking or maintaining code developed 10 years ago. You don’t get that chance at most companies.”

Q: Why did you pursue an engineering position at Maestro?

The opportunity to jump into an entirely new industry and to join a young company was exciting. Truth be told, coming from the higher education space, I had no idea what to expect with private equity. But once I started the interview process and learned about the PE industry’s tremendous need for a platform like Maestro, it became clear that this was an opportunity to contribute to something that could revolutionize an industry. It was a chance to build a tech solution to an industry-wide challenge.

Q: Why did you ultimately decide to join?

First off: the people. During the interview process, I had the chance to really get to know the founders and understand their vision. I also got to meet with people across functions and found it refreshing to be evaluated in that way. There was an instant sense of camaraderie that was contagious…and it’s only grown since then.

Second: the chance to be part of the creation process from the start. The product was in its early beta phase when I joined, so I became invested in its success. Getting to build it and watch it grow has been a really special experience. It’s hard not to be passionate when you witness the difference your work makes.

Q: What do you like best about working at maestro?

It starts with the people and the culture we’ve developed. Maestro has this unique dynamic that is a mix of energy and tech combined with the backing and credibility that comes from our investors, including Accordion and S&P Global Market Intelligence. And what’s really great – and a testament to the genuine spirit of the Maestro team – is that we’ve managed to sustain this culture as we’ve grown. I’ve also really enjoyed the opportunity of wearing multiple hats and standing something up from zero to functioning. For me, that’s always been the most satisfying aspect of software development.

Team off-site in Montauk, NY (Summer 2019)

Q: How would you describe the culture and CAMARADERIE of the Maestro team?

People bring joy and enthusiasm into work every day, and that has continued even as we’ve been working remotely. Whether physically in the office, in a virtual environment, or at team off-sites (like navigating a ropes course in Mystic or hanging out on a boat in Montauk) there’s just so much excitement that’s shared among the team. We’re a group of people sharing a common goal that truly enjoys spending time with each other, and that makes me really eager to come to work.

Q: What are you most proud of in your time at Maestro, so far?

It’s awesome to look back and see the progression of the features we’ve built. Each time we’ve put a new feature in front of customers, the positive reactions are overwhelming. I’m really proud of the processes we’ve developed in making each of Maestro’s new features. In the beginning, it was a bit of a scramble to figure out both what needed to get done and the process for getting it done, but we’ve been able to refine and nail down the steps to be an effective team. That has been very, very satisfying. And the fruits of these labors are clearly paying off, as evidenced by the recent new funding the company has secured and our growing portfolio of Maestro users.

Q: What excites you about Maestro’s FUTURE?

The growth of our headcount is something I’m very excited about. When someone new shows up, they bring a new personality and set of skills, which keeps the team dynamic fresh and the product evolving. Also, now that we’ve fully launched to the public, our positive reception in the market is really thrilling for me and for everyone on the team.

“The business is starting to generate real traction in terms of customers and how they are using the platform; it makes me even more excited today than I was on day one.”

Q: Finally, what type of person would fit well within the Maestro team?

The ideal candidate loves to get things done, is full of ideas, and knows how to celebrate success. Maestro’s engineers all share an ability to rally team members around new ideas while applying the power of technology to solve problems that directly benefit our users. We expect to see that from the start. People with that attitude and skillset, who are eager to put their fingerprint on a growing company, will be really successful here.