Meet Maestro

Be the Conductor of Your Portfolio.

Like every great symphony, private equity investments consist of multiple acts – all of which require meticulous levels of orchestration to secure the standing ovation (AKA: the high ROI). Cue Maestro.

From pre-close to post-close, Maestro provides PE teams with a centralized solution for managing deal performance, while strengthening alignment with company management. Due diligence, value creation, exit planning: Maestro is purpose-built to streamline all of these processes – and more.

Due Diligence
Doing the Dili Dance.

It’s the nature of the PE business: for every deal you close, there are dozens of deals you don’t – yet every deal requires a lengthy and laborious due diligence process. Not for long. With Maestro, you’ll migrate from your manual (offline) framework by institutionalizing your team’s and advisors’ due diligence workflow – making it a smoother, more consistent (and repeatable) process.

Maestro also eliminates the headaches of version control by providing a collaborative workspace to track status, update priorities, assign tasks, reference comments, and more. Bottom line: you won’t have to worry about tasks falling through the cracks, and you’ll be able to make more timely, informed decisions on each deal.

Value Creation
Vying for Value.

Until now, sponsors’ value creation expertise and best practices have been fragmented – floating in a flurry of files (or simply stored in the brains of various colleagues). But times are changing. LPs expect fund sponsors to have a professionalized approach to value creation…and Maestro makes it easy.

With Maestro, you’ll be able to codify and institutionalize firm-wide knowledge – creating a repeatable framework for pulling on the various value creation levers at your disposal. You’ll also have access to our exclusive library of expert playbooks, which can be used to identify new value creation opportunities or sanity check your existing plans.

Once you’ve documented your custom playbook (or selected a playbook from Maestro’s library) you’ll be able to activate it – transforming it into an actionable Workplan for your management team. Bottom line: Maestro centralizes everything required to plan, manage, and assess portfolio companies’ growth.

Exit Planning
Empowering the Exit.

Similar to a symphony’s grand finale, a PE sponsor’s exit is a “make or break” moment. If you get it right, you’ll have maximized returns and a happy audience of stakeholders. If you get it wrong, nothing else will matter. Maestro alleviates the pressures of exit planning by highlighting outstanding value creation opportunities to the next buyer.

Instead of relying on dispersed data and itemized initiatives, Maestro will help you tell the company’s past and future growth story. When looking back, Maestro’s Major Objectives enable seamless reporting of strategic priorities in relation to KPIs. When looking forward, Maestro’s Knowledge Hub provides an easy way to impress prospective buyers by showcasing untapped investment theses and actionable Workplans. Bottom line: Maestro empowers an efficient (and attractive) exit.