In today’s frenzied and hyperactive Private Equity environment, emerging managers who leverage the power of technology can distinguish themselves with LP investors, better compete for deals, and immediately begin driving growth and value across their nascent portfolios. Maestro is the Private Equity technology platform that enables new funds to begin operating and investing with a modern, technology-powered approach from Day 1.


Accelerate value creation initiatives with seamless internal/external collaborative initiatives.


Tell a compelling value creation story with firm-specific dashboards and reports.


Replicate success by deploying best practices and tribal knowledge across the portfolio.

A True 360° View of Portfolio-Company Health

Distinguish Your Fund

Immediately begin building your track record of success and establish your unique approach to PE operations. 

Establish Best Practices

Codify your firm’s best practices and processes governing all phases of the PE lifecycle from the moment your fund is launched, resulting in a repeatable value creation strategy.

Win More Deals

Illustrate your ability to accelerate value creation through a partnership driven approach with enhanced collaboration and access to smart capital.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Across due diligence,  value creation tracking, and exit planning activities, execute your strategy with efficiency and precision while keeping your team lean and your resources protected.

Track Progress

Monitor and measure progress on the value creation strategy in real-time across the portfolio, enabling earlier intervention and course corrections when needed.

Demonstrate Impact

Evidence your ability to deploy capital and drive value across the portfolio, building confidence from discerning LP investors for today and tomorrow’s fundraising efforts.

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See why the industry’s most successful sponsors are using Maestro to drive 10,000+ value creation initiatives and counting.

“As we continue to scale, the flexible nature of the platform and the breadth of PE-specific features will enable us to grow our portfolio, help our companies transform their businesses, track and monitor the progress of value creation activities, and demonstrate the impact of our strategies and efforts to LPs more efficiently.


Feature-Rich Strategy Execution Software

∙ Create due diligence checklists and 100-day plans

∙ Support ESG/DEI best practices

∙ Draft and collaborate on investment theses and major objectives

∙ Create & replicate workflows for generating alpha & achieving exit

∙ Create deal and portfolio management dashboards and reports

∙ Set and measure financial and operational KPIs

∙ Measure progress against comps and industry benchmarks

∙ Conduct talent assessments and monitor performance

89% of portfolio company management teams believe tech-enabled collaboration would promote a more productive relationship with their sponsors.

– Accordion Survey Report: The State of the PE Sponsor-CFO Relationship

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