For Fund Sponsors

Your Partner in Performance.

No matter the stage of the investment, there’s one question that lingers on every sponsor’s mind: “how is my deal performing?” Yet, there’s never been a centralized solution for managing portfolio-wide deal performance…until now. Maestro is a purpose-built software platform that enables PE sponsors to conduct due diligence; develop, oversee, and track portfolio companies’ growth; and effectively exit companies. With features that maximize value creation and increase sponsor-company alignment, Maestro is the sidekick you’ve been waiting for.

Built for PE, by PE.

Benefits at a Glance

Maestro is a product by Accordion, the private equity-focused financial consulting firm. Channeling years of expertise and insight into portfolio operations best practices, Maestro is purpose-built to address PE’s biggest pain points. “Competition is higher than ever.” “It’s no longer just about capital deployment.” “LPs are asking about our unique approach to value creation.” “We need to promote a true partnership with company management.” We hear you. Maestro provides sponsors with an end-to-end solution to tackle these challenges, and more.

Institutionalized Knowledge.

Use Maestro to codify and centralize firm-wide best practices – or tap into our library of expert playbooks – making your approach scalable and repeatable across your fund.

Leverage Best Practices >
Streamlined Reporting.

Promote transparency and ensure accountability by gaining insight into your portfolio companies’ performance – from the strategic objectives to the tactical initiatives.

Track What's Important >
Strengthened Alignment.

Develop targeted, actionable, and achievable plans with company management teams – enhancing communication and improving alignment around the growth plan.

Partner Seamlessly >
Optimized Talent.

Use a disciplined and customizable framework to ensure the right leaders are in the right roles – and track the team’s progress against the value creation plan.

Optimize Talent >

Why read when you can watch? See how Maestro maximizes value while fostering a stronger partnership between sponsors and management teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Maestro fit into my firm’s current process?

We get it; change can be intimidating. But the best thing about Maestro is that you DON’T have to reinvent your process. Our product simply enables you to centralize – and professionalize – the work you’re already doing. Instead of getting lost in a maze of disparate files, you’ll have a purpose-built software solution to act as your single source of truth.

Tell me more about onboarding. How long does it take to get started?

Forget everything you know about software implementations. With Maestro, you can get started in a matter of hours. And, depending on the amount of your firm’s data, you can be fully up-and-running in just a few weeks. Whether your priority is building out your firm’s new Knowledge Hub, transitioning to real-time (digitized) reporting, or assessing portfolio company leadership, your dedicated Client Success Manager will train you in each feature and guide you throughout onboarding.

Whose job is it to keep Maestro up-to-date?

This answer varies by firm and depends on how your process works today. At its core, Maestro is designed to promote transparency and hold all stakeholders accountable. Deal teams, operating teams, and company management teams will collaborate directly in the platform – and each team member will be assigned to various initiatives. It will be the responsibility of whomever owns the initiative to keep the status up-to-date.

How can I encourage my portfolio companies to use Maestro?

It’s no secret that management teams often lack visibility into their sponsor’s priorities and crave stronger alignment. Maestro provides a solution for exactly that – and more. (So, it won’t take much convincing…) If you’re looking to share more information about Maestro with your portfolio companies, check this out.

I’d like to learn more about pricing. What does Maestro cost?

Maestro’s pricing model scales to align with the size of your firm and the number of companies in your portfolio. Like other SaaS solutions, Maestro charges on a subscription basis that allows for quarterly or annual payments. Contact us for more information.

Will my firm’s data be secure?

Yes. Maestro is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services): the largest cloud infrastructure provider in the world. This makes Maestro SOC 1, 2, and 3 compliant, among other standards. Secure daily backups will protect your information and provide peace of mind – even in the event of (unlikely) disaster. In addition, all information is encrypted during transfer and at rest using the most trusted encryption technologies. In terms of access, Maestro’s enterprise-class permissions will give you full control to determine which actions your users can (and cannot) take.

Can I export my data from Maestro?

Of course. Maestro’s portfolio company tear sheets provide a clean (and easy!) way to track major objectives against current priorities. In addition, Maestro offers the ability to export data to Excel, CSV, and PDF.