Spotlight on Siobhan Forbes: Maestro Client Success Manager


When a new private equity firm or portfolio company begins using Maestro, the Client Success team takes the lead in ensuring all users see the value and get the intended results from the platform as soon as possible. In our first Employee Spotlight of 2024, Siobhan Forbes (also known around the hallways as “Shiv” thanks, in part, to Succession) discusses her role on the CS team and explains why Maestro is such a great fit for anyone looking to build something new within an entrepreneurial environment:

Tell us about your role:

I joined Maestro a little over a year ago as part of the Client Success team, which focuses on ensuring our existing PE firms and portfolio company clients are trained properly. After onboarding, we continue to look at adoption and usage trends so we can help clients derive maximum value from the platform. Beyond the collaboration with sales, we work closely with the product and engineering teams, which I really enjoy. 

Why is the CS team so important to Maestro’s success?

You can’t have a successful product unless your customers understand the value of what they are investing in. If decision-makers who may not be as engaged in the platform don’t see the value in it, it becomes easier for them to get rid of it. A lot of technology companies haven’t really focused on CS, not nearly as much as sales. The CS team makes sure the right users in the organization understand the value of Maestro and ensures those who need and use it most have the right level of training.

What compelled you to join Maestro?

In all honesty, I wasn’t looking to leave my last company, but when the Maestro opportunity came along, everyone I met was nice, easy to talk to, honest, and eager to ensure my joining would be the right fit for both parties. Everyone here is working together to build the product. I was drawn to the opportunity to be more involved than I would at a larger company. There’s a feeling that the decisions you are making and your contributions are more impactful. It’s the challenge I didn’t know I needed! 

What do you find gratifying about your role?

We’re building something that doesn’t exist and clearly has a lot of value. We’re fulfilling the needs of our clients and taking time off their plates, making jobs and lives easier. We’re seeing the direct positive impacts on portfolio company businesses in a positive way. It’s easy to question how your job matters. The feeling that you are contributing to something larger at Maestro is gratifying.

What are your ambitions for the company and yourself professionally?

We secured several great new clients just in the past year so I’m hoping we can continue to grow our account base. From a professional growth perspective, I’ll be continuing to work with my team on refining and standardizing our CS processes, growing my leadership skills along the way. I think this is going to be crucial in the next few years given Maestro’s current upward trajectory. 

What would you say to someone considering a position at Maestro?

I can’t recommend Maestro enough. It’s a great company with great people. But anyone considering joining a startup for the first time needs to do some self-reflection. You need to have intrinsic motivation. You need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and be prepared for a good amount of cross-functional collaboration. We are working on building something as a team. It’s very rewarding but can also be a grind. Not everyone wants that, and that’s fine. But for anyone eager for that kind of environment, Maestro is a great fit.  

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