A Deeper Dive into Maestro Integrations: Project Management, CRM & Communications


PE Sponsors and their Portfolio Companies today are swimming in a sea of technology platforms and solutions. Recent studies show that organizations use an average of 130 SaaS applications. The average enterprise device has 67 applications installed

The Maestro product development team recognizes this and continuously develops new integrations to connect value creation reporting with existing solutions in a company’s or sponsor’s technology stack. These integrations aim to eliminate the burden of moving information from one to the other in an unwieldy and unproductive manner. 

Some of the key integrations that enable private equity sponsors and portfolio company teams to operate seamlessly between Maestro and their favorite enterprise applications include:

Salesforce and CRM Databases

To measure leading, progress-oriented indicators related to strategic sales or marketing objectives, PE sponsors frequently request real-time insight into portfolio company CRM reporting. With multiple portfolio companies to manage, operating partners and deal leads do not have time to access and click through multiple CRM accounts. The information they seek often needs to be higher-level – number of new deals closed, average deal size, total pipeline opportunity, and so on. 

To solve this challenge, Maestro integrates with industry-leading CRM tools – Salesforce topping the list – to provide sponsors with a real-time view of sales progress indicators directly alongside a company’s strategic plan. By connecting to individual portfolio company Salesforce instances, any Maestro user can access sales insights within the context of a company value creation plan. 

Asana, Monday, and Project Management Platforms

There is no shortage of project management platforms in the market these days. In all likelihood, most portfolio companies have interacted with Asana, Monday, Smartsheet, or something comparable to manage project plans long before private equity investment. While suitable for large-scale project execution, the level of detail typically tracked in these systems is far too granular for any meaningful operating review or Board-level discussion. If already embedded within an organization, Maestro easily integrates with these popular platforms to showcase project activity at the right level of strategic reporting. Real-time triggers help maintain current information while eliminating duplicate entries. Once connected, Maestro compiles all project activity across the sponsor’s portfolio and surfaces insights otherwise left hidden, all without displacing any incumbent portfolio company platform of choice. 

Slack and Communication Tools

In addition to project management tools, many companies rely on platforms like Slack to enhance communication and collaboration across the organization, capturing actions, updates, and ideas at the moment. Unstructured, ad-hoc communication occurs across these channels daily, with most meaningful content or action items lost to the ether. Maestro’s unique integration with Slack enables portfolio company and sponsor teams to seamlessly move information from a Slack conversation to Maestro without leaving the platform. This connected interface allows users to create and update initiatives in Maestro via a responsive Slack bot, ensuring that trains of thought are not interrupted and updates can be made within both platforms from a single point of entry.

Through off-the-shelf integrations with more than a dozen 3rd party applications including ERP, data warehousing, CRM, and CPM applications, as well as our ability to develop new integrations in response to specific client requests in a matter of weeks, Maestro is creating connectivity between its value creation platform and the myriad of disparate platforms that power today’s most successful private equity and PE-backed organizations. 

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