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Fulfilling a Critical, Unmet Need in the PE Investment Lifecycle

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Plan & Align

Visualize your Investment Thesis

Value Bridge reveals annual and long-term progress against exit plans.

Manage All Value Creation Objectives in One Location

Establish, align, and monitor plan priorities.

Align Teams Around Initiatives

Ensure all stakeholders understand responsibilities and how strategy is being operationalized.

Identify the True Drivers of Equity

Track value levers to understand which strategies are propelling portfolio growth.

Understand Real Time Value Creation Progress

Access a singular and centralized view of all financial and operational metrics in real-time.

Stay on Budget

Map multiple scenarios to better manage budgets and meet operating forecasts.

Enhance and Formalize Talent Assessment Processes

Establish a consistent approach for talent management, reviews, and monitoring performance

Establish Goal-Oriented Frameworks

Define and track measurable individual and portfolio-wide OKRs.

Execute & Track

Tailor and Control Access to Plan Detail

Protect sensitive information by ensuring team members can access only what is needed to
execute their part of the plan.

Visualize Project Timelines with Gantt Charts

See progress and manage dependent, overlapping, and unscheduled tasks.

Stay Informed with Email and In-App Notifications

Receive time-sensitive alerts related to assignments, deadlines, invitations, or anything in need
of immediate attention.

Access all Workplace Tools in One Place

Integrate collaboration and communications tools into one easily accessible, centralized

Measure & Report

Integrate All Data Assets in One Location

Gain greater insights into value creation progress with a singular view of disparate data sets.

Access and View BI Dashboards

Visualize the impact of your objectives.

View Multi-Dimensional Insights

Maintain a high-level view of all value creation priorities, assignments, and impacts of actions
across the portfolio.

Monitor Progress Against Objectives

Flag areas across the portfolio and within individual companies in need of time and attention.

Determine if KPI Needles are Moving

Capture insights and monitor portfolio team progress against key metrics.

See Status of Initiatives in Progress

Gain greater visibility into tactical actions underway within individual companies.

Create Presentation Materials with Ease and Simplicity

Seamlessly generate reports in Excel, PDF, and PPT with a single click.

Repeat & Scale

Capture Shareable, Repeatable Best Practices

Store playbooks, institutionalize knowledge, and replicate successful value creation strategies.

Share Catalog of Resources

Give colleagues and teams access to your repository of proven partners, and vendors.

Argonaut approaches each of its investments as a partnership with the seller, and immediately recognized Maestro’s strengths in helping its portfolio partners grow their companies’ top and bottom lines. Within weeks of launch, the Argonaut operations team had Maestro up and running, using it to craft detailed value creation journeys and to track KPIs tied to investment objectives.

Brian GreenVice President, Argonaut Private Equity

Maestro has become an invaluable platform used across our organization to seamlessly organize, measure, and track value creation initiatives across the enterprise. On top of that, I have access to a library of world-class playbooks all in one central location.

Andrew CisnerosVP of Strategy, Channel Control Merchants, LLC








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