Centralize your Knowledge.

Say goodbye to the sea of spreadsheets, and while you’re at it, leave the binders behind. Tech-enablement is now a key area of focus for PE sponsors – as investors are expecting a professionalized approach to value creation. Enter Maestro: a platform that codifies your firm’s best practices, enabling seamless dissemination and replication across your portfolio. And that’s not all…

The Vinyl

Maestro provides exclusive access to The Vinyl: a curated network of portfolio operations best practices from PE advisors, consultants, and other subject matter experts. Leverage The Vinyl to uncover new ideas for creating value, act as a building block (or sanity check) for your plans, and discover partners that can help with project execution.

  • Tap into a library of expert playbooks
  • Identify new value creation opportunities
  • Sanity check your (existing) plans
  • Establish the building blocks for (new) plans
Custom Playbook Library

Never again will you have to ask, “how did that lever drive value?” or, “how can I replicate that approach for other deals in diligence?” With Maestro, you’ll have a centralized platform to institutionalize firm-wide knowledge and processes – at all stages of the investment lifecycle. (P.S. Maestro will never spill your firm’s secret sauce. Your Knowledge Hub will be kept private to your team.)

  • Institutionalize your firm’s best practices (your ‘genius!’)
  • Establish firm-wide consistency and quality standards
  • Promote transparency and collaboration
  • Leverage in LP meetings (to showcase your proprietary approach)
Actionable Activation

Once you’ve documented your custom playbook (or selected a playbook from The Vinyl) you’ll be able to activate and transform it into an actionable workplan for your management team. From there, you can assign tasks, track status, share documents, and more.

  • Activate and customize playbooks into actionable workflows
  • Align with management to execute on the strategic initiatives
  • Create a repeatable framework for driving value

“Before Maestro, our firm’s intellectual capital lived in a variety of documents – which made our processes more challenging to scale and replicate. Now we have greater collaboration and a more consistent approach.”

MANAGING DIRECTOR | Middle Market Buyout Firm

With Maestro You Can:
Track What’s Important

Ensure alignment around long-term goals by using Maestro to track investment progress against KPIs.

Partner Seamlessly

Discover the meaning of “real-time collaboration” by leveraging Maestro’s workplans and company dashboards.

Optimize Talent

Elevate your framework for evaluating management with Maestro’s disciplined and customizable talent assessments.