Don’t Get Left Behind.

Gone are the days of the “hands-off” approach to portfolio management. Operational improvement is now the primary driver of value creation, causing sponsors to play even more active roles in partnering with management teams.

This evolving dynamic shines a light on the need for stronger alignment between parties, which is where Maestro takes the stage…

86% of private equity-backed CFOs believe that that a digital value creation plan would strengthen alignment with sponsors and improve the firm-finance dynamic.

– Accordion Survey Report: The State of the PE Sponsor-CFO Relationship


Maestro is a software platform by Accordion, the private equity-focused financial consulting firm. Channeling years on the frontlines, Maestro is purpose-built to address PE’s biggest pain points. “Competition is higher than ever.” “LPs are asking about our unique approach to value creation.” “We need to promote a true partnership with company management.” We hear you. Maestro provides sponsors with an end-to-end solution to tackle these challenges, and more. Here’s how:

Leverage best practices.

Use Maestro to institutionalize (and centralize!) your firm’s knowledge, or tap into Maestro’s library of expert playbooks.

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Track what’s important.

Ensure alignment around long-term goals by using Maestro to track investment progress against KPIs.

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Partner seamlessly.

Discover the meaning of “real-time collaboration” by leveraging Maestro’s workplans and company dashboards.

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Elevate your framework for evaluating management with Maestro’s disciplined and customizable talent assessments.

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“There’s never been a private equity-focused product like this. It’s game-changing for our deal and leadership teams to have access to everything about every portfolio company – all in one place.”

MANAGING DIRECTOR | Middle Market Private Equity Firm

Maestro will guide you throughout the investment lifecycle.
Due Diligence

Empower your deal teams to make timely and informed decisions through a more streamlined diligence process.

Value Creation

Centralize your firm’s knowledge hub – making your approach scalable and repeatable across your fund.

Exit Planning

Manage any final initiatives and highlight outstanding value creation opportunities to the next buyer.