Objectively Measure Performance.

Over the course of an investment, sponsors and management teams are bound to encounter an array of leadership questions. “Will our team need additional resources to execute on the value creation plan?” “Are the right leaders in the right roles?” “How can we help improve team performance?” Enter Maestro: a platform that empowers teams to make objective, timely, and optimal leadership decisions.

Talent Assessments

Until now, PE teams have lacked an official process for assessing management. Maestro’s Talent Assessments will change that. Instead of struggling to document evaluations, Maestro enables sponsors to take a more disciplined, measurable approach – resulting in a stronger understanding of where management could benefit from support.

By digitizing these assessments, you’ll gain a centralized workspace to house all relevant evaluation materials – ensuring accountability and creating stronger alignment. As for criteria, you’ll have full control to create custom benchmarks and objectively measure leadership performance over time.

  • Gain a stronger understanding of where leadership requires additional resources
  • Ensure the right management team is in place to accomplish value creation goals
  • Develop a more disciplined framework for evaluating leadership
  • Create custom criteria to objectively measure performance over time

“In today’s environment, the pressure to drive value creation is stronger than ever – making it critical to ensure that the right management teams are in place. Sponsors need a formalized process for objectively evaluating management’s performance. ”

NICK LEOPARD | CEO & Founder, Accordion

With Maestro You Can:
Leveraging Best Practices

Use Maestro to codify and centralize firm-wide knowledge, or tap into Maestro’s library of expert playbooks.

Track What’s Important

Ensure alignment around long-term goals by using Maestro to track investment progress against KPIs.

Partner Seamlessly

Discover the meaning of “real-time collaboration” by leveraging Maestro’s workplans and company dashboards.