Enhance your Communication.

They say strong communication is the key to a healthy relationship. It’s true for couples – and it’s true when considering the ever so important dynamic between PE sponsors and management teams. Unfortunately, breakdowns in communication are all too common – and both parties have reported the need for stronger alignment. Enter Maestro: a platform that fosters real-time collaboration between company management and fund sponsors.


“All right stop, collaborate and listen.” We took a cue from Vanilla Ice in developing Maestro’s Workplans: a collaborative workspace that strengthens alignment around the growth plan. Unlike other project trackers and task managers, Maestro’s Workplans are purpose-built to support the varying needs of private equity sponsors and management teams.

From the strategic objectives to the tactical initiatives, Maestro enables you to break down the value creation plan – transforming it into a targeted, actionable, and achievable workflow. From there, you can assign tasks, track status, add commentary, share documents…essentially, you’re equipped with everything needed to manage workstreams across parties.

  • Activate playbooks for an easy starting point
  • Develop targeted, actionable, and achievable plans with management teams
  • Assign tasks, track status, add commentary, and share documents
  • Monitor and track progress against the major objectives

Maestro’s Dashboards offer a lens into Workplan activity – providing a holistic view of the progress being made towards each major objective. This visibility reduces the need for constant reporting requests, as management teams and sponsors can reference a single source of truth. Finally(!) a seamless way to promote transparency, ensure accountability, and ultimately, partner productively to achieve the value creation plan.

  • Promote transparency and ensure accountability
  • Gauge the status of each objective and corresponding initiative
  • Understand the specific initiatives at risk or that need attention
  • Reference a single source of truth

80% of CFOs believe that increasing PE firm involvement would strengthen their working relationship.

– Accordion Survey Report: The State of the PE Sponsor-CFO Relationship

With Maestro You Can:
Leveraging Best Practices

Use Maestro to codify and centralize firm-wide knowledge, or tap into Maestro’s library of expert playbooks.

Track What’s Important

Ensure alignment around long-term goals by using Maestro to track investment progress against KPIs.

Optimize Talent

Elevate your framework for evaluating management with Maestro’s disciplined and customizable talent assessments.