Focus on What Matters Most.

It’s a scene the PE community is all too familiar with: drowning in data, surrounded by spreadsheets, wishing there was a better way to track the value creation initiatives against the long-term strategic plan. Enter Maestro: a platform that provides an organized reporting framework – enabling sponsors and management teams to set goals, gauge progress, and measure alongside relevant KPIs.

Major Objectives

In the world of portfolio operations, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. That’s why we created Maestro’s Major Objectives: a digital space to monitor strategic priorities in relation to the investment thesis, while strengthening alignment between stakeholders. Major Objectives are unique to each portfolio company and fully customizable, which makes it easy to assign owners, grant access to certain reports, and focus attention where it counts.

  • Review strategic priorities in relation to the long-term plan
  • Track progress on key value creation initiatives
  • Customize goal-setting for each portfolio company
  • Assign owners and grant access to relevant files/reports
Key Performance Indicators

Major Objectives are only a part of the equation. Without well-documented KPIs, there would be nothing to measure Major Objectives against. Using Maestro, you can aggregate KPIs and Major Objectives into a centralized view – ensuring the value creation plan is on track (and flagging when key initiatives are at risk).

  • Aggregate with Major Objectives to measure in relation to one another
  • Gain stronger visibility into value creation progress (and initiatives at risk)
  • Eliminate the need for countless documents
Tear Sheets

Yes, Maestro is a software platform. No, we haven’t underestimated the value of a printed Company Tear Sheet. Maestro provides PE teams with a clean and easy way to view (and print) portfolio companies’ Major Objectives alongside current priorities. The result? An automated Quarterly Portfolio Review that won’t require hundreds of frantic emails.

  • Easily view (and print) portfolio companies’ key objectives alongside current priorities
  • Automate the Quarterly Portfolio Review process

“Manual reporting will soon be extinct. By migrating all value creation data into a digitized product, it creates efficiencies and aligns all parties around a single source of truth.”

JON APTER | Executive Advisor, Maestro

With Maestro You Can:
Leveraging Best Practices

Use Maestro to codify and centralize firm-wide knowledge, or tap into Maestro’s library of expert playbooks.

Partner Seamlessly

Discover the meaning of “real-time collaboration” by leveraging Maestro’s workplans and company dashboards.

Optimize Talent

Elevate your framework for evaluating management with Maestro’s disciplined and customizable talent assessments.