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Maestro Launches ESG Survey Module for Private Equity Firms Looking to Measure and Track ESG Efforts and Commitments Across Portfolio Company HoldingS


Sponsors can now create and field repeatable surveys to capture ESG program data, generate initiatives and tasks, and analyze the impact to the value creation plan, all within a singular, centralized platform

New York, NY – April 2, 2024 – Maestro, the value creation platform for the private equity industry, today announced the introduction of a new in-platform ESG survey module that enables private equity sponsors to capture, analyze, and visualize ESG-related metrics, initiatives, and activities within individual portfolio companies. Using the new ESG module, sponsors can design customized surveys, field those surveys to the desired respondents at relevant companies, collect and aggregate responses, generate visually compelling dashboards using embedded Power BI, and immediately convert survey results into actions and initiatives. As all activity lives within the Maestro platform, surveys can easily be repeated or replicated to track performance over time. 

“With multiple research studies demonstrating a link between ESG and elevated financial returns, more private equity sponsors are seeking a systematic way of assessing and evaluating ESG efforts within their companies on an ongoing basis,” said Prasanth Ramanand, Maestro’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Sponsors now can adopt a consistent, regimented, and repeatable approach to measuring ESG activity. Using Maestro, sponsors can tailor surveys and quickly analyze results to identify tangible actions that enhance ESG results while also contributing to the broader value creation plan.” 

A recent McKinsey study found that ESG scores can be directly linked to increased financial returns. Two-thirds of respondents to a Bain study of LP investors confirmed that ESG considerations play a role in their investment policies. 

Whether a fund is just beginning to assess the depth of ESG commitments within its portfolio or has been using manual, unstructured, or inconsistent measurement approaches, Maestro’s ESG survey module offers a modernized and repeatable approach to capturing and analyzing ESG data and visualizing it alongside other revenue and margin enhancing metrics in a single environment. By establishing benchmarks and tracking performance with a regular cadence, sponsors can better gauge ESG efforts for individual companies or across their portfolios. 

“For many Maestro clients, ESG is very much a material factor in every investment and as they engage portfolio companies to measure their ESG maturity and determine how it can be improved,” Ramanand continued. “ESG is also a value creation opportunity. With the survey module, we are providing our clients with a tech-enabled and highly efficient way to collect, review, manage, and monitor ESG performance across their portfolios and more easily identify actions that will drive even greater improvements in the future.”

In addition to informing ESG actions and initiatives, sponsors can also use the Maestro ESG module and its integration with Microsoft PowerBI to generate reports for boards and limited partners. Through these visually compelling reports, sponsors can showcase their impact and attract fundraising from discerning investors keen to deploy capital with funds and companies that demonstrate a commitment to ESG. 

About Maestro

Maestro is the value creation platform designed exclusively for the Private Equity industry. Backed by S&P Global, Accordion Partners, and several General Partners from the PE industry, Maestro helps PE sponsors modernize their operations and maximize value creation within their portfolio through active portfolio management and collaboration with portfolio company management teams. For more information, please visit:

Press Release
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